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Residence Sint-Jozef in Leuven



This residence is located in the Vaartstraat 92 at the corner with the Kardinaalstraat. Residence Sint-Jozef is a unique project in a historical building. There are 86 student rooms available.

Fully booked
  • Sint-Jozef
  • Kamer - Room

This residence is located in the Vaartstraat 92 on the corner with the Kardinaalstraat.  It is a unique project in a listed building with 86 student units as well as a resident caretaker.

  • Rent room with private bathroom: from 425€/month, general costs from 50€/month = total price from 475€/month
  • Rent room with shared bathroom: from 385€/month, general costs from 45€/month = total price from 430€/month
  • Deposit utilities room with private bathroom: 65€/month, with settlement
  • Deposit utilities room with shared bathroom: 60€/month, with settlement

Guarantee: 2 months of rent

Contract: 12 months

Residence with Kotlabel

This residence is fully booked

Vaartstraat 92

3000 Leuven



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